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For many years now, engines have been electronically controlled by an ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This unit defines the ignition timing, fuelling, boost pressure and other engine running parameters. After extensive development and testing we optimise these parameters to enhance the performance of your engine by reprogramming the factory ECU within your car by Ecu chiptuning – Ecu tuning – Engine remapping – Performance ecu tuning – Ecu remapping

We will not give un-achievable figures to appear better than our competitors, we will only quote realistic figures that are safe for your vehicle, we will tell you if the possible improvements are minimal and are not worth doing, and after all, if your not happy with our work then we can return the vehicle to its original map and refund the cost.

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If You Have a DPF Issue We Can Help!

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We Can Remove Upto 75% Of Carbon Buildup Inside Your Vehicles Engine

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Established as one of the UKs premier performance custom ECU remapping companies, and certified by the IMI. We supply only custom tuned engine management software (Often called ECU chips/Tuning maps) for virtually all cars and vans on the market today, so no matter what type of vehicle you drive, we will be able to improve it’s engine power, torque  and fuel economy.

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IMI Certification

Would you let an unqualified doctor perform an operation on you? Or would you allow an untrained electrician carry out repairs in your home? The nature of this question can be applied should you decide to have your car remapped this work should only ever be carried out by those with the necessary knowledge, skill, and experience – along with professional accreditation.

Remap2Race go through rigorous and detailed training in all aspects of OBD and bench remapping  to become professionally qualified ecu remapping technicians, certified by the Institute of the Motor Industry. This is the only such independently recognised remapping qualification and only Remap2Race are currently able to acquire it. To help improve professional standards within the industry, we hope that other remapping companies will follow our lead and put their dealers through a similar, independently recognised, training program.

Kessv2 OBD2 ECU Remapping


I called Remap2Race for a remap review. The car was remapped before and I wondered if there was any more power to be had.

After the tech reviewed the existing map and reported that there was lots more power available! Well, all I can say is that it now pulls like 2 trains!! Fantastic

VW Golf on Dyno Remap Development


I contacted Remap2Race after searching about for a good reputable remapping company. I found them! The car is much better after the remap as there was some considerable lag low down and very progressive. That has all changed now the car drives brilliantly!

Mercedes on Dyno Remap Development

Mercedes S350L Diesel Combination 

I called Remap2Race to see if I could increase the power and torque, as I have just bought a large caravan.

The guy turned up on time explained the process to me. He then removed the ECU and tuned it. I can’t believe the difference! excellent work! the whole thing took around 2 hours to complete!

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