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2019 BMW X2 18D Combination Remap

2019 BMW X2 18D - Combination Remapped

I called Brian from Remap2Race as their reviews are just outstanding. Brian informed me that the safest way to remap my car was to remove the ECU and bench remap it. The total process took around 2 hrs to complete and the results are just outstanding – Much smoother lots more power and very responsive!




SAAB 93 ECU Remap image

SAAB 93 2005 2.0 Petrol - Performance Remapped

Great service. I got a quick response and my Saab was given a new lease of life and now runs better, not to mention better mpg. Also was surprised at the price considering the the guy came to me! Would highly recommend this company to anyone thinking of tuning their vehicle.




VW T6 ECU Remap Image

VW T6 2017 2.0TDI - Performance Remapped

I Called Remap2Race to get my T6 remapped and take advantage of the monthly offer. I must say the van is totally different just what i asked for. More power torque and MPG.




Range Rover 2018 Performance Remapped image

RANGE ROVER SPORT 2018 2.0D - 240-BHP performance Remapped

When i contacted Brian at Remap2Race i was impressed with Brian’s knowlage. I areed to have my Ford transit remapped 1st it was that good i had to have my Range Rover remapped its just brilliant lots more power and torque the thing just takes off well impressed with it as well as the price!




BMW 430d Performance Remapped image

BMW 430D 2016 - 258-BHP performance Remapped

I was recomemded to Remap2Race from one of my friends who had his vehicle remapped by Brian. Brian turned up on a Sunday Morning and conducted his magic! The car now performs brilliantly pulls and pulls with a fuel saving!!! 




BMW M4 Performance Remapped

BMW M4 2016 - 431-BHP performance Remapped

I Gave Brian a call as I know that he has been in the industry along time. I recently purchased my M4 my dream car… So I needed someone who knows what they are doing Brian is your man! The car is pulling 500bhp and is now just phenomenal!




BMW M4 Performance Remapped

Seat Leon FR 2012 VAG Diesel Gate Update Downgrade & Performance Remapped

I Gave Remap2Race a call as my car received the new VAG diesel-gate update. The loss in MPG and power made it awful to drive! I told VW and they would not revert the software back to the vehicle original software. Brian assured me that he could revert the software back to normal and then conduct a performance remap with the original update in place.

Well all i can say is that the car is now absolutly brilliant more power than its ever had and the MPG is climbing up! It now drives fantastically!




Audi S5 2017 Performance Remapped

Audi S5 3.0 TFSI 2017 - 354-BHP performance Remapped

I have been waiting quite a while for the remap as the car is fitted with a new type of ECU. I called Brian to see if it could now be remapped. He informed me that the model of ECU has not long been released for remapping but it would require removal and bench remapped and the good news was he could do it!

The car now runs brilliantly more power and torque and a fuel-saving. Just what I asked for…




Audi A4 3.0 TDI 2016 Performance Remapped

Audi A4 3.0 TDI 2016 - 275-BHP performance Remapped

Interesting procedure Brian arrived after a conversation we had about the car. He removed the vehicles ECU to find that it was a new type of ECU MD1CP004. He told me that he could remap the car but I would need to wait a week or so for the dyno developed software.

After around a week, Brian called to say that the software has now been developed and was ready for installation…Well, the car is totally different and is producing over 350bhp!




Audi A4 2.0 TDI 2016 Performance Remapped

Audi A4 2.0 TDI 2016 - 140-BHP performance Remapped

Hi Brian I very pleased with the outcome of my car. It is much more powerful and a pleasure to drive thanks again.




Ford ST 2.0 Ecoboost 2013 Performance Remapped

Ford Focus ST2 2.0 Ecoboost 2013 - 250-BHP performance Remapped

Brian arrived today in the pouring rain.. but that didn’t put him off. I wanted more bHp & Torque from the car and that’s what I got.

The car drives much smoother and you can really feel the difference that the remap has made the torque delivery is excellent! I also opted for the after remap warranty that Remap2Race supply very cheap add on.




Mitsubishi L200 2016 Combination Remapped

Mitsubishi L200 - 176-BHP Combo Remapped

I called Remap2Race to have my new L200 remapped. I must say I was not disappointed with the outcome the truck has gone from 176bhp to 210bhp with lots more torque just what I needed!

Many thanks, Brian for your time




Mercedes Stage-3 Bench ECU Remap

Mercedes A180 1.6T - 122-BHP Performance Remapped

Hi Brian many thanks for remapping my car what a difference the remapping makes! You can really feel that 175bhp and additional torque just keeps on pulling….


I will let you know when i do the further upgrades and let you know so you can make the adjustments to suite.




Motorhome OBD 2 ECU Remap

Peugeot AutoCruise Motorhome 2.3Mjet - 130-BHP Combo Remapped

Now that summer is fast approaching i thought i would get my motorhome remapped to give her a new lease of life. I found Remap2Race through a Google search. Brian explained that the ECU would require bench tuned we agreed a price and the difference is just what i asked, for now, 160bhp with an added 80nm of torque.


LandRover OBD 2 ECU Remapping

2 x LandRover Defender Remaps - 2.5 Diesels - 132-BHP Combo Remapped

Brian was great turned up and done us a great deal on having both vehicles remapped. Lots more Power & Torque now great fun in the country fields.

Thanks Remap2Race


Ford Fiesta ECO Boost Stage-3 ECU Remap

2016 Ford Fiesta Eco Boost - 1.0T - 100-BHP Performance Remapped With Full After Remap Warranty

This is the second car that i have had remapped by Remap2Race brilliant as usual!

The power increases are as follows from 100bhp to 145bhp with an additional 60nm of torque!


Mercedes Bench Stage-2 ECU Remapping

2015 Mercedes-Benz A180 - 1.5 CDI - 109-BHP Performance Remapped With Full After Remap Warranty

Very happy with the results

The power increases are as follows from 109bhp to 150bhp with an additional 70nm of torque!


Mercedes Stage-2 Bench ECU Remap

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA200 - 2.1 CDI - 136-BHP Combo Remapped

Brian arrived today to remap my car the job was done in just 2 hrs. The ECU had to be removed and remapped off of the car.

The difference is outstanding it has gone from 136bhp to 214bhp with an additional 120nm of torque!


VW Jetta OBD 2 Remap Stage-2

Volkswagen Jetta - 2.0 TDI - 140-BHP Combo Remapped

Hi Brian many thanks for the remap to my Jetta i must say i am very impressed with the outcome. The additional 40 BHP and torque is great the front wheels spin up quite easily now even though it has a DSG gearbox.

I have heard from Payment Assist and the 1st payment has been made…


Fiat Ducato Motorhome OBD 2 ECU Remap

Fiat - DUCATO - 2.3MJ - 180-BHP Combo Remapped


Hi Brian the difference to the motorhome is brill very happy with the way the vehicle now performs we took her to Spain for a short break in the sun. The van was just great!

Ford Transit Custom OBD 2 ECU Remap

Ford Transit Custom - 2.2 TDCi - 125-BHP Combo Remapped

I am the owner of Bratton Clovelly Garage I called Remap2Race from one of my customer’s referrals. I wanted my Transit remapped as I am looking to tow with it and it was lacking low down torque.

Brian arrived and remapped the van I am so impressed with the differences in its power torque and drivability I will be offering Remap2Race services to all my customers that are interested in increasing the power and the drivability of there vehicles.

Well done Remap2Race!


Audi TT Stage-3 ECU Remap OBD 2

Audi TT 2016 2.0 Coupe Performance Remapped

Enquired early on a Sunday morning and by Sunday afternoon my car went from 230BHP to 300BHP with amazing torque increase. Amazing, fast and friendly service.

Brian was very friendly and efficient and I will no longer be looking for anyone else to remap my future cars.

Being offered a mobile service was key for me as working 6 days a week and finding a garage open was near impossible!

Many thanks Remap2Race!

Renault Clio OBD 2 ECU Remap Stage-3

Renault Clio RS - 2.0 - 198-BHP Stage-1 Remapped

Remap2Race remapped my pride and joy the car is now much more responsive and crisp you can really notice the difference.

I highly recommend Remap2Race

Audi A4 Stage-3 ECU Remap OBD 2

2015 Audi A4 - 2.0 TDI - 190-BHP Stage-1 Remapped

Brian arrived in his van on time. The process took just over 1 hour to complete. My wife was considering changing her car but a suggested remapping it.

She no longer wants to sell the car.


BMW 318d Stage-2 ECU Remapping OBD 2

BMW 318d - 2.0 - 143-BHP Combo Remapped

I called Remap2Race as i was interested in having my car remapped as the car was laggy and unresponsive.

That has all changed now the turbo lag has disappeared and the car just performs!

Many thanks Brian.

Infiniti FX ECU Remapping Bench Remapped Stage-2

Infiniti FX - 3.0 D - 238-BHP Combo Remapped

I contacted Remap2Race to have my car remapped Brian explained that the ECU would require removal to achieve a good remap.

Brian arrived carried out the work within 2.5 hours. I am very happy with the results!

Many thanks.

Landrover Evoque Postal ECU Remap

Range Rover Evoque 2.2 Postal ECU From Trinidad

A customer sent us his ECU from his Range Rover for a DPF delete. He contacted me to say: That the vehicle is working great and is very happy..

BMW 335d ECU Remap Stage-3 OBD 2

BMW 335d - 3.0 Twin Turbo Stage-1 Remapped

I contacted Remap2Race as required more power from my 335d. the car had been remapped before and i asked Brian if there was any more power to be had. he checked over the original remap and said yes there is quite a bit more power to be had.

The car now pulls like 2 trains! highly recommended…

Mitsubishi L200 ECU Remap Stage-3 OBD 2

Mitsubishi L200 - 2.5 DI-D - 178-BHP Stage-1 Remapped

Hi Brian i thought i would drop you a line to tell you how happy we are with the pick-up. Both vehicles are just brilliant!

Fuel savings are great we are getting an additional 15% MPG.

Audi S5 ECU Remap Stage-3 OBD 2

Audi S5 V8 4.2 Coupe 2011 Stage-1 Remapped

I took my car to Remap2Race as they were recommended by a close friend. I was not disappointed with the outcome!

5-star service all the way!! I am incredibly happy with the remap Remap2Race did for my Audi S5 4.2 V8…. It is an absolute beast thank you…

Fiat 500 ECU Remap Stage-3 OBD 2

Fiat 500 Twinair Turbo Stage-1 Remapped

I had my Fiat 500 remapped as it was lacking power & sharpness. The bhp was increased by 10 bhp but the torque increase was just over 30% this has transformed my car! very happy with Remap2Race.

VW Crafter DPF Removal & Remap OBD 2

2008 VW Crafter DPF Software Delete & EGR Delete

Worked a treat many thanks Remap2Race. I was that happy with the work they remapped my wife’s 2018 Nissan Navara..

BMW 120d Stage-2 Remap OBD 2

BMW 120D 2009 Combo Remapped

Hi Brian Many thanks for the remap to my car very impressive indeed. My MPG has increased by over 11% ! well happy.

Ford Ranger Stage-2 ECU Remap With AdBlue Removal

Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCI Stage-1 Remapped & Adblue Removal

Hi all. Fantastic service. Very well equipped and well experienced. Done two vehicles at a very keen rate. Highly recommended.

Audi A1 ECU Remapped Stage-3 OBD 2

2017 Audi A1 - 1.4 TFSi Stage-1 Remapped

My car is totally different after Remap2Race magic was performed! The power and torque is just outstanding I can’t believe the difference. How can you get so much power out of a 1.4 Turbo engine!

Ford Focus ECO Boost ECU Remapped OBD 2

2012 Ford Focus - 1.6 EcoBoost Stage-1 Remapped

Brian from Remap2Race came to work and remapped my car which took around 1 hr to complete including the test drive.

The car now spins the front wheels in 1st, 2nd & 3rd whats all that about! Fantastic

Vauxhall Corsa ECU Remap Stage-3 obd 2

2008 Vauxhall Corsa - 1.6 - 192-BHP Stage-1 Remapped

Many thanks, Brian for the outstanding work much more powerful and the fuel saving is just brill..

Porsche Boxster ECU Remap Bench Mode

Porsche Boxster S 3.4 2007 Stage-1 Remapped

Remap2Race are just the ticket! Brian arrived at my home and removed the ECU from my car and bench remapped the ECU.

He remapped in the cat back exhaust and air induction kit as well as increasing the power and responsiveness. Very pleased with the results! Thanks again

BMW 335d GT Stage-2 ECU Remapped OBD 2

BMW 335d GT 2016 Combo Remapped

I called Remap2Race to enquire about remapping my BMW. I asked a lot of questions which Brian answered with confidence and put my mind at rest that i was doing the right thing.

Brian arrived and talked me through the whole process. The remap took around 1 hr after the test drive i could not believe the difference it made to my car, I am so happy i went ahead with it. Brian said that he could get more power from it if i liked! scary stuff… I opted for the Stage-2 lots more torque with a good fuel saving!

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