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How Hydrogen (HHO) Cleaning Cleaning Works

The Ultimate Engine Detox

The Engine Hydro Carbon Cleaning system works by using de-ironized water to create over 900 ltrs/hour or 15 ltrs/min of pure hydrogen and oxygen which pass through the none pressurised air intake of an engine and out through the exhaust system as super heated water vapour, helping to remove 75% of excess carbon build-up that leads to poor running issues, low performance, laggy throttle response, laggy turbos, partially blocked injectors as well as helping to maintain DPF filters and Catalytic Converters.

The Cleaning process takes 30 minutes for Petrol applications & up to 60 minutes for Diesel applications. Hydrogen & Oxygen consumes carbon like nothing else! Once the HHO enters the engine it gets to work removing carbon deposits left behind from burning fossil fuels.

Multiple applications can benefit from our state of the art technology

Cars – Vans – Trucks – Agricultural – Commercial – Motorbikes – Infact Anything With a Internal Combustion Engine

So What Are The Benefits?

Exeter Carbon Cleaning Turbo


We have a unique solution to remove the carbon of your turbocharger fast and easy. With our Carbon cleaner machine, you have the opportunity to clean Turbocharger without even disassemble it from the vehicle. Only 30-60 minutes procedure of carbon cleaning. Practically we remove all carbon deposits from the turbo

Exeter Carbon Cleaning DPF


We offer a Carbon cleaning solution to help you in just 30-60 minutes procedure to clean your DPF without any disassembling!

Carbon cleaning procedure costing significantly less than the removal or replacement with a new one. This can be done preventively every 15,000 miles.

Exeter Carbon Cleaning Injectors


Our Carbon cleaning technology cleans the diesel and petrol injectors without removing them from the engine. With the help of hydrogen produced by our machine Carbon cleaner and raising the temperature in the cylinders, all scales are sublimated and ejected through the exhaust system.

Exeter Carbon Cleaning Valves


Our Carbon Cleaning machine cleans the carbon deposits from the valves without dismantling by using our carbon cleaning technology, which is much cheaper than the alternative compared to dismantling and removal and or replacement.

Exeter Carbon Cleaning Catalytic Converter Cleaning


We offer the solution for cleaning the catalyst with carbon cleaning technology. Costing significantly less than the removal or replacement with a new one and all without disassembling! Let the hydrogen technology clean your Catalytic converter in 30-45 minutes. It is highly recommended to repeat the procedure every 15,000 miles.

Exeter Carbon Cleaning Piston & Ring


The temperature and velocity of combustion the HHO removes layered carbon deposits. With the rise and octane fuel is changed and the frequency of operation of the engine, which contributes further to unstick and disposal of carbon deposits on pistons and piston rings. With one procedure of 30-60 minutes.

Key Benefits Are As Follows


  • Smoother Running Engine.
  • More Power being released due to less carbon build-up.

  • Reduces Flat Spots & Engine Noise.
  • Sharper Throttle Response.
  • More MPG Up To 10% Improvement.
  • Cleans All Internal Combustion Related Components.
  • Less Engine Wear.
  • Reduces Engine Emissions For MOT Inspections.
  • Increases The Engines & Componant Life Span.
  • Lasts For Up To 15,000 Miles.
  • Perfect Complement With One Of Our Remaps


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We Also Offer Package Deals – Why Not Remap Your Vehicle And Have A Carbon Clean At The Same Time!

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Exeter Carbon Cleaning Dont Break The Bank

We Serve the Entire Southwest Area

We are fully mobile and cover from Bristol To Plymouth


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