Mercedes ECU Remapping

Find out How We Can Increase Power & Save You Fuel!

Remap2Race Mercedes ECU Remapping Blog Post
Remap2Race IMI Credited ECU Remapping Blog Post
Remap2Race Mercedes ECU Remapping Blog Post

OBD Remapping Your Merc

We can remap your merc through the OBD Port on approximately 40% of the time. This is the cheapest way to remap your car and achieve some outstanding power and torque increases.

Example: A180 CDI 109bhp to 150bhp with an additional 70nm of torque. This will make your car much more responsive and a joy to drive! Price for this mode of tuning starts from £199!

Ktag or Bench ECU Remapping

ECU Removal is the most common mode of tuning for Mercedes modern vehicles there is a 60% chance that the ECU that is fitted to your vehicle will require bench remapping. This is the most expensive mode of tuning as the ECU requires more work with specialised equipment & the ECU requires removal and re-fitting to the vehicle after remapping. The cost of bench remapping starts from £250.
Don’t pay £150 for a remap on any of your vehicles, you are asking for trouble believe me! You will not see those people again if the map requires any adjustments or rectifications.



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