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Our History

Remap2Race are ‘Master Tuners’ in ECU Remapping. We have over 10 years in ECU Remapping experience, all of our technicians are IMI certified. We have tuned vehicles from everyday cars and vans to exotics like Ferrari / Lamborghini / High-End Mercedes / Porsche / Bentley and so on.


What Is ECU Remapping

Remapping is a method to modify or change your vehicles ECU software. We modify the operating parameters in the vehicles PCM program or ‘map’. In many cases through the onboard diagnostics port (OBD) which is normally sighted in your vehicle

The Process

Once your IMI professionally certified ECU Remap2Race tech has read the vehicle’s software he will upload the original maps to our file writing team. During the mapping process, we will adjust the parameters to maximize the performance, fuel economy, or a clever blend of both the choice is yours!

Different Modes of Tuning

There are 2 modes of tuning. OBD and BDM. OBD2 remapping is faster and cheaper than BDM tuning. Ktag remapping requires the vehicles ECU to be removed from the vehicle and the PCM placed on the bench ready for tuning most newer vehicles require this mode of tuning



Here at Remap2Race, we supply the very best ECU software money can buy, we select the very best software suppliers for your make and model of vehicle. Example if we are tuning a BMW we turn to German ECU software developers, the reason for this is that you the customer will get the very best remapping software for your car, van or motorhome. Most remappers will go to one source for there modified software, this can sometimes be the wrong choice as most file writers specialize in certain makes such as BMW’s, Ford, Audi and Mercedes and so on.

It has taken years to find the correct file writers and software suppliers for your make of vehicle. We keep this information top secret, as we don’t want our competition getting hold of what we know. This is where Remap2race has the edge over all other remapping companies because we have the full range of perfected software for your vehicle, be it a car, van or motorhome.


Once you have found the correct remapping company, you will have years of trouble FREE remapping experience and you like our honesty and you would like to enjoy the benefits of ECU remapping give us a call.

OBD Remapping

Most vehicles can be remapped through the OBD port normally located one foot away from the steering wheel. OBD tuning can be completed on vehicles from the year 2000 onwards. This can take up to around 1hr 30 mins to complete.

Ktag Remapping

Is sometimes required on newer or locked ECU’s. This mode of tuning requires the ECU to be removed from the vehicle. This can take up to around 3 hours to complete.

ECU Remapping Benefits

Increase Torque 25-40%

High increases in torque are only available for turbo-powered vehicles.

Increase BHP Between 20-40%

The increase in BHP of 20-40% is only available for turbo powered engines.

Increase Fuel Economy 8-15%

Most of our customers report back between an 8-15% increase in fuel economy. This only applies to turbo-powered engines.

Improves Drivability

Drivabilty is improved due to the extra torque that we remap into the vehicles ECU. Fewer gear changes are also achieved.

Excellent For Towing

A lot of our customers remap their vehicles as they may tow heavy pieces of equipment or caravans. A Combination remap or race-2 remap is best for towing as the extra torque really helps.

Reduces Emissions

ECU Remapping reduces Co2 emissions due to less fuel being used against power output. Most of our customers report back considerable fuel savings.

Outperforms Tuning Boxes

ECU Remapping will always outperform a plug and play tuning box. They are very common on diesel vehicles as they plug directly into the vehicles common fuel rail. This just fools the ECU and encourages more fuel being injected, it does not take into account the following.

Air induction

Turbo Boost

Torque Limiters

Throttle position and so on.

Fault Code Permanent Deletes

There is a host of MIL or faults codes that we can permanently delete such as DPF Fault codes, EGR fault codes and so on. Our company policy is that we will not permanently delete safety equipment fault codes.

Speed limiter Removals

Through ECU Remapping we can apply or remove speed limiters that are set inside the vehicle ECU software. This mainly applies to commercial vehicles such as vans, but there are speed limiters applied to cars as well.

Staged Remaps

Stage remaps are designed for vehicles that have been modified by hardware. For example, if you have fitted either an induction kit, Sports Exhaust, Larger Intercooler and larger injectors. We can map in different engine hardware mods so that their full potential can be achieved.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We stand by our products we offer a no quibble 14-day money back guarantee along with a lifetime guarantee on newly installed software.


I called Remap2Race for a remap review. The car was remapped before and I wondered if there was any more power to be had. After the tech reviewed the existing map and reported that there was lots more power available! Well, all I can say is that it now pulls like 2 trains!! Fantastic


I contacted Remap2Race after searching about for a good reputable remapping company. I found them! The car is much better after the remap as there was some considerable lag low down and very progressive. That has all changed now the car drives brilliantly!

Mercedes S350L Diesel Race-2

I called Remap2Race to see if I could increase the power and torque, as I have just bought a large caravan. The guy turned up on time explained the process to me. He then removed the ECU and tuned it. I can’t believe the difference! excellent work! the whole thing took around 2 hours to complete!

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