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Economy Remap

Economy ECU Remap

When we calibrate your vehicles ECU software we adjust the torque curve, turbo limits, fuelling & many other parameters to optimize your vehicles ability to be able to reduce fuel consumption considerably

Combination ECU Remap

Combination ECU Remap

When we calibrate for more power and fuel economy we adjust lots of parameters within the ECU maps to achieve a very noticable power & torque increase as well as fuel savings

Performance Remap

Stage-1 ECU remap

When we calibrate your vehicles ECU software we adjust torque, fuelling, turbo limiters & many other parameters to optimize your vehicle’s ability to be able to produce maximum performance

Performance Plus Remap

Stage-1-PLUS ECU remap

When we calibrate your vehicles ECU software we adjust torque, fuelling, turbo limiters & many other parameters to optimize your vehicle’s ability to be able to produce ‘Even More’ performance

Price’s From Just £199!

After every Remap2Race we like to accompany you as you test drive your car. We believe the best way to show you our confidence in ECU Remapping is to be with you when seeing the results for yourself. It’s this part that makes our job worthwhile, and we truly enjoy knowing you are 100% happy with the changes before any payment is taken!

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ecu cloning




Pops & Bangs




Most will say that the DSG gearbox is one of the finest auto gearboxes available on the market today. Its ability to change gear in a fraction of a second and predict the driver’s next move is a masterpiece of engineering. However, we can increase the speed of gear changes between 25-50%, Adjust OEM Torque limiters, Increase rev points, Adjust launch control rev limit and so on…To enable faster acceleration and the release of the extra torque that is achieved by remapping your vehicles ECU. VAG Group (TCU)

How ECU Remapping Works

Once your IMI professionally certified ECU Remap2Race tech has read the vehicle’s OEM software he will upload the original maps to our file writing team. During the mapping process, we will adjust the parameters to maximize the performance, fuel economy, or a clever blend of both the choice is yours!

Our aim at Remap2Race when re-mapping your vehicle we give you the perfect increased power curve, and fuel economy improvements but still retain the safety parameters which are originally programmed into the engines management system by the manufacturer, so as to protect your engine from any damage.

Ecu chiptuning – Ecu tuning – Engine remapping – Performance ecu tuning – Ecu remapping 

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We stand by our products we offer a no quibble 14-day money back guarantee along with a lifetime guarantee on newly installed software.

BMW Powergate ECU Remap


I called Remap2Race for a remap review. The car was remapped before and I wondered if there was any more power to be had.

After the tech reviewed the existing map and reported that there was lots more power available! Well, all I can say is that it now pulls like 2 trains!! Fantastic

VW Golf On Dyno Remap Development


I contacted Remap2Race after searching about for a good reputable remapping company. I found them! The car is much better after the remap as there was some considerable lag low down and very progressive. That has all changed now the car drives brilliantly!

Mercedes On Dyno ECU Remap Development

Audi A5 3.0 Diesel Combo

I called Remap2Race to see if I could increase the power and torque, as I have just bought a large caravan.

The guy turned up on time explained the process to me. He then removed the ECU and tuned it. I can’t believe the difference! excellent work! the whole thing took around 2 hours to complete!