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Dealer Level Updates


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Dealer ECU Updates VAG

This option in green are updates for the file currently installed into the vehicle.

Flashing this kind of file will reduce the risk for the customer to receive an update at the dealer once the car has been tuned.

Vehicle Back To Stock

This option in blue corresponds to the original version of the file currently installed in the vehicle.
If you have any doubt whether the car has been already modified by another tuner or not, we can reprogramme the ECU in order to bring back the car back in stock mode.

VAG Diesel Gate Downgrade's!

We can Fix your VAG vehicle if it has suffered from the Diesel Gate Main Dealer update. If you have lost power, MPG, and feeling that the car is not driving well? Then give us a call we can revert the update to an older version to reinstate the lost power, MPG and drive.

If the vehicle has received a Diesel Gate update under recall, we can apply previously installed dealer supplied software. To Remove the inadequate, troublesome dealer update.

List Of Supported ECU’s

DCM6.2V – EDC17C46 – EDC17C54 – EDC17C64 – EDC17C74 – EDC17CP44 – EDC17CP54 – EDC17CP74 – MED17.1.10 – MED17.1.27 – MED17.1.62 – MED17.5.21 – MED17.5.25 – PCR2.1 – MEDC17 – MDG1

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