BMW ECU Remapping

Find out How We Can Increase Power & Save You Fuel!

Remap2Race BMW Blog Post
Remap2Race BMW Blog Post

Remapping Your BMW

We can remap your BMW with some outstanding results. This is due to our dyno developed maps that we install into your vehicle. Many hours have been spent developing the right software that increases power, torque as well as saving you fuel.

What Power Gains Can I Expect?

Most BMW remapping is done through the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port. Either in VR (Virtual Read) mode or full read mode. BMW Manufacturer’s crate fantastic engines that love to be remapped.
Here are the mods of tuning available for your BMW:
  • Full OBD Read & Write
  • VR (Virtual Read) & Write
  • Full Ktag Bench Read & Write
  • Tricore ‘Service Mode’ Bench Read & Write
Example: BMW 120d with 184bhp with our stage-2 combination remap we can increase the BHP to 220bhp with an additional 60nm of torque delivering a fuel saving of between 8-15% dependant on driving style.
Don’t pay £150 for a remap on any of your vehicles, you are asking for trouble believe me! You will not see those people again if the map requires any adjustments or rectifications.



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