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Here at ECU Remap2Race we can remap your DSG to achieve the very best performance money can buy!

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Remap2Race Ktag ECU Remapping Tool Blog Post
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Many vehicles are fitted with either a DSG Gearbox or BMW F&G Series ZF 8HPxx Gearboxes (TCU)

Most will say that the DSG gearbox is one of the finest auto gearboxes available on the market today. Its ability to change gear in a fraction of a second and predict the driver’s next move is a masterpiece of engineering.

However, we can make it better, increase the speed of gear changes between 25-50%, Adjust OEM Torque limiters, Increase rev points, Adjust launch control rev limit and so on…To enable faster acceleration and the release of the extra torque that is achieved by remapping your vehicles ECU. VAG Group (TCU) / BMW F&G Series ZF 8HPxx Gearboxes (TCU)

PLEASE NOTE More Gearboxs added monthly.



  • Faster Gear Changes by up to 50%
  • Increased Acceleration
  • More Torque
  • Rev Limiter Adjustments
  • Launch Control Rev Limiter Adjustment
  • No Engine Bogging
  • Less Gearbox Lag
  • Sportier Drive
  • More Clutch Clamping Force
  • When Coupled With One Of Our ECU Remaps The Difference is Just Outstanding!

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