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Have you ever been curious about that burbling sound coming from an AMG or a supercar? They’re called pops and bangs. When you accelerate, your exhaust produces the incredible roaring sound that we are all used to. As you lift your foot off the throttle, your exhaust starts popping, crackling and gurgling, which adds a whole lot of fun and character to the driving experience.

So if you have a pops and bangs tuning file installed, when you shift gears you will no longer experience a drop in sound. You can mark each shift with a loud pop & bang.


Performance Advantage

More to the point, what would a tuning improvement be without a performance advantage. Aside from the sound benefits, pops and bangs additionally reduce or completely remove turbo lag after deceleration.

Pops and bangs can be achieved through many different methods of modification. The main focus is around altering the timing of the car’s ignition map. On most cars, you want the combustion of fuel/air mix to happen just after TDC (Top Dead Centre – where the piston is highest in the cylinder). This means that the piston is only just on its way back down to the bottom of the cylinder – an explosion at this point gives it a (pretty significant) helping hand to force the piston down to the bottom of the cylinder as quickly as possible. The exact timing varies from engine to engine, but this is how the ignition is timed to produce maximum power


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