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Popcorn Hard Cut Limiters 


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The ‘Popcorn’ (Hard Cut) Limiter tells your vehicle’s ECU to cut fuelling to the engine at a set RPM (normally 4300rpm), causing it to bounce off the limiter, making a diesel sound more like a petrol engine. This is primarily for cars produced by the Volkswagen Group, but we will consider applying it to other vehicles after analysing the relevant diagnostic data.
This will not change engine performance, only how it sounds.

NOT RECOMMENDED! Due to long term engine damage!

More than just the cat can be damaged, though, pops and bangs remap is too extreme for what your engine can handle. … This certainly isn’t something we recommend on a typical engine, and would cause really high EGTs during the‘crackle’ period. It, therefore, has more potential for damage to be caused


We Offer Custom ECU Remapping at differing price points depending on your budget and service required.

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