How Try-Before-You-Buy Works

Our try before you buy option is designed for customers that are undecided about remapping their vehicle. We are so confident in our product that you be that impressed you will keep the remap that you have chosen. This offer is limited to 10 customers per month.


  1. Fill in and submit the form below.
  2. We will require a £100 deposit taken at the time of booking.
  3. You test drive your vehicle for 7 days with your newly installed Remap.
  4. If you are happy with your remap you keep it and pay the difference by card or bank transfer.
  5. If you decide that the remap was not for you then we will come and remove the remap and return your vehicle to original state. We will then refund you £50 of your initial £100 deposit.

Get an Estimate

Just send us an email or give us a call all we need is your contact information and your vehicle registration number


schedule an installation

Let us now where you would like us to conduct the installation of your new improved software


We Arrive at your chosen location

A common remap will take around 1hr to 3hrs to complete depending on the mode of tuning required

Infinity FX 3.0D S Race-2

Well, the technician arrived from Remap2Race and answered all of my questions. He started to remove the ECU from the car and remapped it in his van.

Once everything was back I took it for a drive! I have got to say what a difference! smoother, much more powerful and I am saving fuel!

Ducato 2.3Mjet Motorhome   Race-2

Many thanks, Remap2Race for an outstanding remap. The torque and power increases are just what I asked for!

Myself and the wife travell all over Europe and we carry a lot of equipment! The MPG has increased by 11%…


Remap2Race arrived as planned and went about remapping my BMW. The car has transformed! it’s now very responsive, powerful and all round a joy to drive! Thanks, R2R well happy…

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What we Do

ECU Remapping
ECU Chiptuning
DPF Solutions
EGR Solutions
Stage Remapping
Speed limiter Removals

Fault Code Deletes & Much More!

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